Subcommittee on Global Health of the German Bundestag interrogates the Federal Government on neglected tropical diseases

Berlin, 29.01.2024 - In the run-up to the World Day against Neglected Tropical Diseases, MPs from the Subcommittee on Global Health questioned the German Federal Government on its activities to combat NTDs.

Dr Georg Kippels MP/CDU asked whether a bundling of the numerous activities on NTDs was being considered in times of budget cuts. Tina Rudolph MdB/SPD wanted to know more about local vaccine production in relation to NTD vaccines. Kordula Schulz -Asche MdB/Bündnis 90-die Grünen enquired about the monitoring of vectors that can also transmit neglected tropical diseases and have colonised Europe. In this context, she also asked what the German government could learn from the countries of the South in this regard. Herbert Wollmann MP/SPD also referred to the spread of NTD-transmitting mosquitoes in Italy and Greece, among others, and enquired about the plans of the Federal Ministry of Health to deal with this development. The Chairman of the Subcommittee on Global Health, Prof. Dr Andrew Ullmann MP/FDP, referred to a study on the state of research into NTDs in Germany and enquired about the progress made so far in integrating them by the Federal Government. Representatives of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Federal Ministry of Health responded to the MPs' questions.

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