Presentation of the short study: Combating neglected tropical diseases - Financing the activities of German actors in 2020 and beyond

Berlin, November 20, 2020 - Under the patronage of Ottmar von Holtz, Member of the Bundestag, the DNTDs has presented a study that for the first time provides an overview of various measures by German actors from civil society, research, the private sector and the federal government, and their funding in the fight against neglected tropical diseases.

Christian Franz, author of the study by cpc analytics, uses data that he has gained from the membership of the DNTDs to describe a broad spectrum of activities that are in part funded by the German government. It becomes clear that the civil society and private sector actors finance a large part of the fight against NTD from their own resources - in accordance with their mission “leave no one behind”. It is worrying that many projects that are funded by the German government are about to expire. In order to ensure a sustainable fight against the NTDs, the projects would have to be extended or new ones started.

Representatives from the Federal Ministry for Health, Education and Research as well as Economic Cooperation and Development and the Federal Chancellery discussed future developments with members of the DNTDs. All representatives of the ministries - BMBF, BMG, BMZ - emphasized that the fight against NTDs would also play a role in the future and that programs would be continued.

The members of the DNTDs pointed out that the adoption of the WHO Roadmap 2030 (November 12, 2020) will bring about a paradigm shift in the fight against neglected tropical diseases, away from control and towards elimination. This process will require different methods in the future and the need for drugs will increase by 2030. It is important that the fight against NTD is embedded in health programs and that cross-sectoral programs are supported more intensively.

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